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*Angela's Bio*



 Angela's unique 'whole person' approach to style and uncanny personality sets her apart from the crowd in the minds of her clients.  By genuinely getting to know who they are as people, she is able to consider their personality, lifestyle, and inner qualities to create an individual's personal statement.  As Angela says, "You have to look deep inside a person and expose the beauty which they may not even see in themselves. It makes people feel confident and happier about themselves."

With all of her accomplishments, Angela has not lost focus on what is most important.  She has found a way of individually creating a style and fashion sensibility that her clients are comfortable with, thereby equating true happiness with the art of making people look and feel amazing.

Born a ‘natural artist’ Angela has always loved drawing, painting, writing, and just creating beauty with her hands.  She has turned hair into her canvas. Now recognized as a top colorist, she has dedicated herself to painting the perfect color on every head she works on.

Born and raised in her home town,  where, after a stint at a few of Bedford’s well known salons, she opened Hiz and Herz Salon and Mini Spa in 2003.  Here she was able to develop and refine her own special approach to creating the right look and hairstyles for her clients. Pacaso Coloring, a technique that enables her to insure that hair and complexion are totally compatible and always with a natural look. Her technique is that of a painter, layering the colors, shade by shade, on the head by lifting the hair, piece by piece, and applying color accordingly.  

Angela has made Hiz and Herz a reflection of her philosophy - that the salon experience should be stress free, offering a warm relationship between the client and those she is serving.  Angela not only does business with her brain, but her whole-heart as well.  

Affiliated with Arctek as a master colorist and Educator,  Angela participates in various areas of the beauty industry. She is involved with: "Locks of Love", where clients can graciously volunteer to Donate their hair to the Foundation to help make wigs for patients who have lost their hair due to cancer & other illness.  Angela is founding & creating a 'Hiz and Herz We Care Fund' for Low-Income Families that may need financial help with utilites and such, Senior Citizens that may need help getting their perscriptions or needing in home care, and last but not least for young men & women who may want to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry, but may not have the means to do so.  There will be furthur information on the ‘Hiz and Herz We Care Fund’ on our site very soon.   She says, "I plan to continue to develop technologically advanced services & products & do all that I can do to help create new standards in the hair care industry and in helping this world be a better place."