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This Is A Personal Message From Your Friend, Your Hairdresser, And Hiz and Herz Hair Salon Owner

Hello to all!  I want to take this time to give a special shout out & a Big Thanks to all of you for visiting and supporting this website that I have worked tirelessly on and definatly try to keep updated as much as possible.  I truly enjoy every minute & every aspect of the Beauty Industry, and for all of you that really know me, well, you know that it's true. I want to make a point to let everyone know that I see the results of those who support us here at Hiz and Herz. I want to thank those who just want to come by and check out the website and those who have been generous and donated to the 'Hiz and Herz We Care Fund' I founded about a 3 years ago. We are going to be able to help those that are less fortunate in this world because of your hearts!  I also want to thank those of you that have been a faithful client to me over the years. I can't put it into words how much it means to me. I feel that it is important that I stress these feelings to my salon clients as well as, to online visitors. Hairdressing for me personally, is not just about 'cutting hair'. It is truly about devoting my time along with my expertise to help you make a conscience choice about yourself and how you portray your outer shell to the world. With that said, I will leave you with my thanks, my gratitude, and my privilege of getting to know you all.

~Angela L. Kern-Johnson~


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*Note*There Are A Lot Of Other Great Things That We Are Working On To Better Serve You. We Accept Texts & Emails 24/7 To Stay Connected, That Way You Can Get Scheduled In A Quick Manner,  For Those Of  You That Live Throughout The United States And Want To Order Products And Or Hair Extensions & Wig Pieces.  If You Cannot Call Us Due To Long Distance Charges,  We Are Taking Product Orders Through E-Mail (You Can E-Mail Your Order Lists To : (hizandherzsalon@yahoo.com) Our Store Website Design Is Still Under Construction, But We Will Send A Memo Out When It Is Ready.   


We Are Taking Up Donations To Help Better The Lives Of  The Less Fortunate, At Hiz and Herz Hair Salon We Know What It Is Like To Have Up And Downs, Everyone Can Relate To Hard Times In One Way Or Another. Our Main Goal Is To Help The Elderly & Disabled That Can't Afford To Pay Caregivers For The Help They Need, Or Medications That Are Not Covered Through Insurance Or Medicaid.  We Want To Help Single Working Mothers That Have Children But Cannot Afford The Proper Child Care. Hiz and Herz Salon Wants To Make A Difference In Lives. The "Hiz and Herz We Care Fund" Is Being Built As We Speak Right Now, But We Need To Pull Our Heart Strings Together To Help Shape A Better World. (*Note* Do Not Feel Obligated To Donate, It Is Purely Voluntary. But Any Little Bit Does Help)


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