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Hiz & Herz We Care Fund

   For The Hiz and Herz We Care Fund, This Is Just The Beginning! We are looking forward to this new adventure in helping our surrounding communities and making our local area we call "our home" a better place!

   The 'Hiz and Herz We Care Fund Program' is a way for individuals to help Lawrence County and surrounding areas provide high quality early education to young children and adults, ages one through 20, while at the same time providing this care at the lowest cost to families in true need of financial help.  The 'Hiz and Herz We Care Fund Program' mission supports the ideal that low-income children particularly need extra educational intervention during these highly formative years.  It also supports the fact that most low-income families cannot afford to place their children in early education programs and need additional help in obtaining care so that they can remain employed and out of the welfare system.  The program is Hiz and Herz Hair Salon's way of meeting these needs and giving back to those in need.  The 'Hiz and Herz We Care Fund' is deeply committed to educating young children so that they enter the public school system ready to learn, thus decreasing the need for additional assistance at the public school system level. We will be working with surrounding businesses and foundations to help on our journey to helping you.

What We Are:

We are a private non-profit program.
We are a business.
We are growing and changing to meet community needs.
We exist on private donations to do the work of the community.

What We Are Not:

e are not Federally funded.
We are not state funded.
We are not a hand out for clients.

What We Want To Do:

We Want To provide for low-income families in our area.
We Want To provide hope.
We Want To help put the pieces back together for people in crisis.
We Want To keep people from becoming homeless.
We Want To help the sick get well.
We Want To keep people from being hungry.

Our Long Term Goals:

*Help the senior citizens get GREAT care, not jut GOOD care.

*Help Our Citizens Be able to afford their prescription medication.

*To Help point people of all ages in the right direction for the schooling and training they need to get that job to support their families.

*And So Much More! (we will continue to update this page often)

Who We Help:

The Homeless
The Children
The Working Poor
The Families In Need
The Elderly

Did You Know That:

Individual giving has declined over the past two years?
Each month they can only help about one-quarter of those needing assistance?
100% of the money donated goes to the children and families that are in REAL NEED of Assistance?
We need your help more than ever?


( We only accept donations through PayPal when donating online, it is a secure way of keeping your transaction safe . If you would like to donate by check or money order, please call or email us and we will post a mailing address for you. )

  If Donating Money is not a way for you to give back to your community or you simply just cannot afford it, please feel free to read this list below, With Hiz and Herz Hair Salon being a Professional Establishment, we always like to teach the importance of Cleanliness and How Practicing Healthy Hygiene can keep you healthy.  So please feel free to donate any of the following.  

Hygiene, Household Safety, & First Aid supply kit drives

This project allows school students to provide direct support to families with young children, by

collecting key supplies for basic health, safety and hygiene needs that can then be distributed

to families in need. FSS(Family Of Social Services) social workers have told me they often encounter families who cannot afford basic

health, hygiene, and kitchen safety or cleanliness supplies. Providing families with the right

tools for small emergencies can also prevent infected wounds and trips to the emergency room.

Simple items like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste can reduce skin infections, disease

transmission, and oral decay. Children with soap and shampoo at home can go out into the

world feeling clean and cared for.

Any item from the lists below will be helpful.

Hygiene Needs

• Shampoo/conditioner

• Soap

• Shaving cream & Disposable razors

• Brush/comb

• Toothbrushes

• Toothpaste

• Washcloths

Household safety kit needs (provided with information & guidelines on residential safety)

• Outlet covers

• Cabinet locks

• Safety gates

• Corner covers (i.e. for a coffee table)

• Fire-extinguishers, and a fire safety guide

First Aid Kit Needs (recommended items for the American Red Cross’s ‘Family Disaster Supplies Kit')

• Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes; 2 and 4 inch sterile gauze pads

• Hypoallergenic adhesive tape, 2 and 3 inch sterile roller bandages

• Scissors

• Tweezers

• Moistened towelettes

• Antiseptic

• Thermometer

• Tongue blades

• Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant

• Assorted sizes of safety pins

• Cleansing agent/soap

• Latex gloves

• Sunscreen

• Non-prescription drugs: Aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever, Anti-diarrhea medication,

Antacid, Syrup of Ipecac, Laxative, Activated charcoal

 Ship Donations To :
Hiz & Herz Salon c/o C. Sears
 P.O. Box 954
 Bedford, IN, 47421