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*Mobile Hairdressing*

       Have you ever just fancied the idea of having your hair done in the comfort of your own home? Well, having a mobile hairdresser may be the answer.  Having a mobile Hairdresser is convenient for many reasons: 1.) If you are home-bound, elderly, or disabled and cannot get out of the home to get your hair done. 2.) Do you have kids and find it hard getting to a salon. 3.) Do you work full time and salons are either fully booked when you need in or closed or by the time you get home from a long day in the office.
      I am pleased to announce that Hiz and Herz Salon is now offering mobile salon services!
I would recommend to anyone who has a busy lifestyle to try mobile hairdressing services.   For some people I have spoken with find it much easier than running to the salon after a busy day at work to make thier appointment in time, or trying to fit in a quick trim in between clients, or on your lunch break. Also, in some cases, salon prices are a lot more expensive than mobile services, so by getting your hair done at home, you will also save money.
            If you are a client, or know someone that could benifit from this type of service(elderly, disabled, in home cargivers, bisness men and women, full time mothers, etc...) and may be interested in Hiz and Herz Mobile Hair Salon Services,  It is definitely the new way to get your hair done.

For More Information on Hiz and Herz Mobile Salon Services Call (812)797-6888 and ask for Angie,  or E-Mail angelakerjohnson@ymail.com , Mobile Service Hours Do Vary Depending On Availability. If You Are Ready To Make An Appointment Right Away Or Want To Keep Up To Date On Hiz and Herz Salon and Mini Spa, Then Sign Up For Your Membership Right Here On Our Website, You Can Make Your Appointments Online And Get Instant Updates, And Information On Our Discounts And Free Giveaways!