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Have You Seen The InStyler?

Posted by Hiz And Herz Hair Salon And Mini Spa on April 11, 2009 at 11:04 PM
One of my clients came to me with this question below, so I took it upon myself to do a little research and find out what others that have tried this product had to say:
Infomercials are incredibly entertaining at times, and this one especially caught my eye over the weekend. The Instyler is a flat iron/curling iron combo that is supposed to straighten, curl, add volume and flip your hair in any direction. Now I've seen contraptions that claim to do the same before, but The Instyler has an actual celebrity (even if she is a minor one!) in their commercial, so maybe we can trust that it works?

Because my own hair is rather thick and wavy, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and trying The Instyler for myself. With bristles, it gently pulls hair straight, following up with heat to create a sleek, smooth head of hair. If any of you have experience with The Instyler, let 15 Minute Fashion know! Cutting down the time I spend styling my hair is something I want; wasting my money on a product full of empty promises isn't!

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Here Are A Few Reviews Below...

Mrs Smith says:

I ordered this product? when you are checking out you are offered the professional rapid heat version for extra money which I ordered. As far as heat, it gets hot alright, but it is raw metal and I have gotten used to ceramic/non hair burning instruments - and won't be going back. I really tried using it but the rolling cylinder is really ackward. I can do much better with my 1 inch wide ceramic coated flat iron with a flick of my wrist. Also you know how flat irons and curling irons have tips that you can hold onto to help you use them? Well the instyler metal is fully exposed so you have to be very careful when using it with one hand to keep from burning yourself? it is too complicated to use. I give it a 4 out of 10.

Carolyn says:

Thanks Mrs Smith for the review! I was interested after seeing the commercial, but your review has helped me to change my mind. Appreciate that.

Elyzabeth says:

Not to disagree with Mrs. Smith, but I bought the InStyler because my hair is thin and fine and it promised to make hair like mine fuller. Honestly, I'll try just about anything that looks like it will help my hair. Yes, it was hot to the touch and took some time to figure out how to work it, but once I practiced with it, I really loved it. It gives me gorgeous hair. My daughter has thicker hair in a layered cut and she loves it, too, so we both give it a thumbs-up. We would recommend it.

Charlotte says:

Thanks Elyzabeth for your review!
I just ordered my instyler and now im patiently waiting for it. I?ve heard a good number of reviews here and there about the instyler and they all fall along the lines of what Elyzabeth said.

Carolyn don't be discouraged by one review, any new product takes getting used to. give it try and you might get a different outlook from Mrs Smith. And im not saying Mrs Smith?s review is wrong, all im saying don't shut something down completely because of 1 review

Mrs. Smith (again) says:

Another thing. The cranky churning sound it makes while rotating is annoying, and if you are not careful keeping your hair in the middle of the barrel - the tiny groove between the tip and the barrel will catch strands of hair that will wrap around until breaking. Just be careful - this was too much work and too much to think about in doing hair. We want uncomplication. So long story short - I returned them both and get this? as soon as I called the company to get my mandatory authorization return number the rep asked me to try it a little longer to get the hang of it and when I said oh no thank you, she asked me can she offer me a discount! So be ready? (you also have to pay a restocking charge when you return it) Wait awhile until a lot of people buy it and come online to give there opinion. Then you?ll have to weigh the pros and cons because it?s not easy figuring out which comments are actually legit versus the comments from the company?s ownership who has a stocked warehouse and a vested interest in making sure this product gets sold.


fashion says:

Does anyone know how long this product has been out, I've only seen the commercial a few times (a.k.a. I want to make sure it's sticking around before I take the plunge and order).

Sally says:

I, too, just recently saw the Instyler. I like the idea of a brush. That's why I bought the Maxiglide, but I found it too bulky to use. Also, the teeth on the plate pulled my hair. I have a Chi, but I?m still looking for the one that will be easy on my hair and easy to use.

Charlotte says:

Sally, i too have a chi but still looking for the one. the chi is good but its not as good as when i first got it

I'm hoping the instyler will live up to its promise. the science behind it makes sense that why i ordered it. It was shipped out 3 days ago so i should be receiving it soon

I will make sure to post a detailed review here for everyone. i wont leave anything out.

Becky says:

Well, if you decided to keep the product it will end up costing you $135! Although I have never used the product, it is hard for me to believe it is worth so much?.especially if it isn't ceramic.

Nell says:

I love my Instyler! My naturally coarse and slightly wiry hair is smooth and shiny with just one pass. Flat irons made my hair too FLAT but the Instyler rounds it beautifully.

DLR says:

I?ve seen that commercial too, and was interested in the product, but the price shown on telly $14.98 is only to TRY it, not to BUY it. I'm leery about that. How much does it cost if you decide to keep it.



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