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Posted by Hiz And Herz Hair Salon And Mini Spa on September 18, 2008 at 8:30 AM

*Wedding Hair Styles : Choosing Your Bridal/Wedding Hair Style*<>

Are you confused over what will be the perfect wedding hair style for you?  Has thumbing through numerous magazines left you dazed, confused and overloaded with ideas?  Should you wear it up, down, curled or straight?  Just Relax?Take a deep breath? Here is some information you can use to help you pick out you beautiful Wedding Hair Style.


There are no wrong and right answers when it comes to selecting the right bridal hair style for yourself?.


When it comes to your wedding hair style, your number one most important factor is to be absolutely positive you actually like it.  A common mistake many brides make is to completely loose their personal style identity when it comes making hair and fashion choices for their wedding day.  Of course you will want to look and feel special on your wedding day,  but take care to ensure that it is recognizably you who walks up the aisle to exchange "I dos".


Here are some tips that will remove some of the confusion surrounding wedding hair dos?.


Plan, Plan, Plan. There are so many things to manage & take care of for the big day.  No matter if it is your wedding dream to top the latest celebrity wedding, or if it is just ten of your close friends & family, you still need a wedding planning checklist.  Make sure that you add discussing your wedding hairstyle with your stylist to your checklist. This is best done some months before the big day.  The sooner the better!  


Shine, Shine, Shine.  Just because nearly every bridal magazine you pick-up features brides with flowing tresses, don't feel that you have to.  If you normally wear your hair short, then have your stylist help you think of a short wedding hairstyle.  If you're still laboring under the misconception that short hair does not make for a good bridal hair style then think again, there a lot of beautiful brides that have got married without having long hair.  Don't do something just because you think that a bride should.  Let the true you  Shine through on your big day!


Communicate. Most cases of bridal wedding stress can be traced back to poor communication. Friction between a bride and pretty much anyone around her is not uncommon as the big day draws nearer.  As a bride you need to be assertive and clear in communicating from the outset with those associated with the wedding plans.  Most importantly communicate with your bridal party about their dresses,  hair and make-up as soon as you possibly can.  Discuss styles and preferences that you have,  and make sure that it is something they are comfortable wearing.  It is also important to decide early on, who is paying for what.  If you want your bridal attendants to all visit a hair stylist to have their hair styled then you need to consider paying for them, you could do this as your thank you gift for being in the wedding party.  If your bridesmaids are having matching hairstyles this is pretty much a necessity.  But if you cannot afford o pay for them all, then ask your stylist if she can break down the total into separate bills.


Consider the whole picture. Resist the urge to be a magpie bride who grabs at anything that she finds appealing. This approach will only result in a bizarre medley of styles that do not necessarily gel. Instead, take a minute and consider what you want the theme or style of your wedding to be. Talk to your hairstylist as soon as you have decided on your overall theme - they can give you ideas on how to fit your hair style into the overall picture.


The Bridal Hair & The Bridal Dress, Think of them both as you would about what shoes would match a certain outfit you wearing.  It is important that your hair matches your dress.

For many people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. To make it a magical day of sweet memories you need to plan and communicate well. The hairstyle you pick for your wedding day should make you feel confident and beautiful, because it is how you feel on the day that is most important. Feel beautiful and you will be beautiful. 


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