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Trendy Haircuts 2009 ~ How different factors Influence Our Style

Posted by Hiz And Herz Hair Salon And Mini Spa on November 1, 2008 at 8:00 AM

  Singer Pink did it with her homonymous crop, and two years later Victoria Beckham and her fringy Bob: Stars set trends, and hair styling is not exempted from that fact. Main purpose, however, of celebrities? haircut and fashion styles is to express uniqueness and individualism. They hardly ever are aware that they have such an influence on common taste.

  Band member Bill Kaulitz, for example, who is the leading vocalist of Tokio Hotel, created the most newsworthy trend for men and women during this year. Many young people tried to counterfeit him and asked their hairdressers to recreate his look with the painted, fringy streak that they loved. But his fans? ambitions were bitterly crestfallen when Bill, all of a sudden, had his appearance change.

  How could this happen? One reason is that celebrities are rich enough to assign the best designers and coiffeurs ? who gain popularity themselves by the creation of new trends. But most of all it is the constant presence of stars in magazines and on TV that makes John Doe aspire to resemble them. The easiest way to do so is changing one?s own hair, and eager barbers press ahead with the desired shifts.

  Hair has always served men to beautify and to express themselves. It constitutes the only part of the human body that can simply and variedly be reframed and, therefore, is of the utmost significance to everyone. Being aware of modern and up-to-date men haircuts is especially advantageous these days since many factors contribute to the choice of someone?s style.

  A good example of how those factors work is the notorious hippie haircut the heyday of which was forty years ago. Both barbers and designers have predicted it an immediate comeback - because the ?war and peace? topic keeps popping up in the media world. So incited to seek recognition, too, freedom-loving people consider the casual style as hip. British model Kate Moss is one of the popular representatives of that kind.

  Also considered a current trend is the easy-to-handle crop. Implicating a sportive ease, it may be the appropriate choice in view of this year?s European Soccer Championship and Olympic Games. But lively ?kicks? can also be achieved by slightly changing a former style: Since many people want to be ?in? and remain true to themselves at the same time, setting a fresh course to their preferred look can fulfil this conflicting demand. The famous Mod-Bod, for example, worn by every other woman during the thirties of last century, has regained quite some popularity. Competent barbers use playful fringes and wavy strands to streamline its otherwise old-fashioned look like other great looking short haircuts.

  Certainly, 2009 will be a trendy year, the more so as various music preferences and attitudes towards life leave their marks on people?s haircuts, too. The current range of bands and races is likely to coin new headdress styles. Even colour is placed more emphasis on: Hairdressers claim that dye experiments will play a great role during the coming years. ?Both men and women want to turn away from their everyday lives by bringing colour to the boredom that is theirs.? ? This sentence is often heard from coiffeurs who are looking forward to create new trends themselves.

  And in our section about trendy hair you find all cuts that are announced this year. There is a random and colourful selection of long- and short-hair styles, and International claims of haircuts for spring, summer, autumn and winter alike. Just click on link below and check out the selection of  pictures.

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