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*Now You Can Make Your Salon and or Spa Appointment Online*

  Angela’s Salon has an appointment system that finally allows you to sit down at your computer, take a look at your calendar and schedule the time that is most convenient for you.  You can even make several appointments at one time.  Best of all, it's fast, it's convenient and easy to use!   All you need is a Client ID and Password and you're all set to go.


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Great Then just click here to... Schedule an appointment online!


Not A Member yet?

To signup you will need to fill out our online form on the "Schedule Your Appointment" Link on this site.  You will need to Click On The Sign Up Button, Then You Need To Create Up Your User Name, Your Password, and E-Mail Address.  You will be sent a confirmation e-mail, to accept Membership to this site. In the E-Mail, Click On Link. The Link will bring you back to the very same page.  Ounce you type in the Username & Password You Created, Your Membership Request will be set for Pending.  We Will have your request granted within 48 hours.




Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What do I need to know to begin making appointments on-line?

A. All you need to have is a Client ID and Password for each person who wishes to make appointments online.


Q. How do I get a Client ID and Password?

A. Just fill out the online form on the "Make Appointment Now" Link in our Navigation Bar to the left of this page. Follow the directions after you click on the SIGN UP button.  It will ask you to create a username, password, and give your e-mail address of the person who wishes to make appointments online.

 A Confirmation E-Mail Will Be Sent, click link in e-mail to confirm. The link will bring you back to the same page.


Q. I signed up today for my Client ID and Password. Is there a waiting period before I can begin making appointments on-line?

A. It typically takes less than 48 hours to process your request. Your Membership Information along with the web link for the online appointments will be e-mailed to you once your information is entered into our on-site database.


Q. What steps do I follow to make my appointment?

A. It is actually very simple. The on-screen steps will direct you easily through the process. If you need assistance, call the salon directly at (812) 797-6888 or (812)797-6884.


O. Is my information safe ?

A. There is no need to worry about security issues.  No Client Information, Sales Information, or Appointment Details are on the web site. Your Information is NEVER transferred outside of salon business database.


Q. How do I know if my stylist gets my appointment request?

A. The software database will notify your stylist through e-mail or text messaging. Your Stylist will have the oppurtunity to review the appointment and then 'accept' or 'reject' it.


Q. How will I know if my appointment was 'acceted' or 'rejected'?

A. You Will Recieve an e-mail and, text, or telephone confirmation.